How Dream Sharing Helps, Why We Work with Dreams in Groups


Dreams accurately, expansively show us what we’re missing. They do so while addressing important aspects of being alive: physical and emotional wellbeing, psychological and spiritual wholeness, soul work and much more.

When it comes to any form of transformational work engaged in to support outer goals and healing it’s difficult for us, when alone, to know what will be of greatest benefit. We have a hard time seeing ourselves when working or reflecting on our lives without support. We tend to not be able to see what we don’t already know.

Dreams come to show us what we don’t already know. Sharing our dreams, both as we recall them from sleep and also in deeply held waking visions for our lives, allows us to receive support gained through others views of the dreams themselves. It’s like the old saying, “two pairs of eyes are better than one.”

Sound and musical meditation are compliments to working with dreams that help us open to the universal and diverse aspects of our shared human existence, at the same time.

Discussing and working with dreams and sound in groups using specific tools provides access to wisdom arising out of deep and vital sources in nature and the psyche. The many perspectives offered by members of a group sharing dreams add to the understanding of related life issues for everyone participating in the dream-sharing process.

By using “I statements” to comment on each others dreams, individual responsibility is felt and demonstrated, and mutual connection is fostered. The dreamer is able to hear ideas about the dream without feeling defensive and other participants in the dream circle get to consider the dream as if it were their own. In this way, all members of a dream-sharing circle benefit from the sharing of any dream.

The many gifts of such a practice include:

  • Increasing insight into one’s life and specific issues as depicted in the dreams and applied in dream-sharing
  • Receiving advice from the dreams about how to address problems and co-create wholeness in waking life
  • Gaining respect for self and others through the witnessing of sharing recalled dreams that reveal connections with all of life
  • Feeling mutual support and recognizing shared challenges connected to common and unique experiences in everyday experience
  • Developing independence and interconnectedness by seeing how dreams mirror and augment waking identity and invite us to live larger and deeply relational experiences

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  1. We gain rewards from our membership in a dream group. These are the same benefits which we receive from sharing dreams with friends and family; in a group, we can talk about dreams with even more people. We develop the friendships and emotional intimacy which are engendered in an environment which is ideally a safe arena for such warm, human sharings.

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