Dream Paths

It has been and continues to be a deep pleasure and privilege to assist and guide people from many walks of life to benefit and learn from the vast wisdom that visits us in our dreams and which arise from the soul. This work is continuously satisfying, rich, rewarding and releases vast energies that are useful to life within and without.

Working with, sharing & remembering the storehouse of Dreams that visit us, we stand with wise, complex, meaningful and often humorous dramas that fulfill our lives.
Music, Breath and Sound imaginatively yet accurately and potently reveal our visions of deepest longing,  inviting our dreams to enrich us every day and every night, bringing our awareness into the present and into the body, creating a home and a true sense of belonging for spirit and soul. Inner work can be a vital path to becoming who we were always meant to be.

Is this work for you?

Session Opportunities:

Travis can provide you with the following:

  • E-mail interpretations of your dream(s), plus useful hints about how to use sound and music in connection with dreams
  • Individual sessions “in person”, via online Video (Skype/Zoom) or by phone, using shamanic, projective and sound healing techniques and breathwork
  • Group work with dreams and other dreamers drawing on poetry, sound, projective and shamanic practices
  • Workshops, educational presentations and demonstrations on dreams, shamanism, creativity and sound
  • Public presentations featuring ways to work with dreams asleep and awake and benefit from simple sound healing techniques to support health and wholeness

At the Dreaming Well you will be able to find a self-empowering path to living and honoring your dreams, listening to your nighttime visions and learning to speak their language and making benefit of the rich inner forces that we may apprentice ourselves to. Dreams, visions, hunches and intuitions provide us with detailed maps that open us to our potential for fully embodied states of being and belonging and counsel us on how to live and die well. The wise source that provides us with our dreams gives us healing, helping experiences while we are asleep and visioning and serves our truest individual and collective interests, all-at-once.

Examples of dreams that have enriched and influenced our collective lives include:

* the co-creation of the Google search engine by Larry Page
* the invention of the modern sewing machine by Elias Howe

* the hatching of a multitude of scientific breakthroughs, like the theory of relativity as manifested by Albert Einstein inspired by a recalled dream from his youth.

Several musical creations have been born in dreams, including Tartini’s “the Devil’s Trill Sonata”. Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday” emerged from a dream and has been recorded by at least two thousand other artists and played upwards of six million times on the radio.

Dreams offer up these kinds of wildly creative and supportive energies every night as we go to sleep, witness, participate in, see and remember them.

Honoring dreams through discussion, sound healing, breathwork, painting and shamanic practices allows us to reap the following rewards:

  •  Dreams give us an experience of our total selves, and show the way towards health and wholeness through previously unseen, practical, profound messages of experience
  •  Sound opens us to an emotional ‘felt-sense’ of vital living energies within and without, creating awareness and connection with our dreaming selves and the world around us
  •  Shamanic practices and drumming provide active tools for accessing true imagination to support everyday levels of real assistance with work, relationships, ecology and creation
  •  Work with projections shows us what is true for ourselves and each other and encourages taking responsibility for our own lives, maintaining self-empowerment and true livelihood
  •  Sleep dreams and waking visions reveal information as well as calls to action and being, assisting physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional and vitally helpful paths to becoming fully human

A Little Bit About Projective-style Dream Work & Sound Healing

A projective-style approach to dreams operates on the bedrock of firsthand knowledge that we all imagine or dream-up our own versions of experience. We do so based on our unique/shared thoughts, tendencies, feelings and prior learning. This phenomenon is described as projection. As a conceptual and experiential tool, projection shows us how we each place meaning and value on events, situations and people in uniquely personal and yet universal, shared fashions. We see meaning and value in the dreams (and also in waking life) based on our imaginings and projections, which often shift, grow and change over time yet have their origins deep within, on personal and cultural as well as archetypal levels.

Working with dreams in groups and one to one highlights and offers instruction for each of us based on this ubiquitous, all-pervading, human activity of dreaming. Certain sounds open us to immediate understandings, awareness and feelings that allow enriched being and multi-layered insights with a renewed clarity and honor for the mysterious. This practice provides a touchstone for recognizing how we project in waking life in a wide variety of settings and circumstances. It affords us the chance to increase our knowledge of the energies that influence how we may choose to co-direct our lives. Working with the breath becomes a powerful and robust tool for embodying the deep and wide vital energies of Life and Death.

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