A Drink From the Well

IMG_0265Coming to our dreams and allowing them to reach us is alike to drawing “the water of life” from the deep wellsprings within and without. Since we find it difficult to see for ourselves what our dreams are coming to bestow upon us when working alone,  it is immensely helpful to do focused work in a variety of forms. One to one sessions provide the capacity for deeply exploring the energies of the Dreaming, and learning more about their creative promptings for our lives, co-creating a container for real change and an abiding sense of wholeness.


Session Opportunities:
Travis can provide you with the following:

  • E-mail interpretations of your dream(s), plus useful hints about how to use sound and music in connection with dreams
  • Individual sessions “in person”, via online Video (Skype/Zoom) or by phone, using shamanic, projective and sound healing techniques and breathwork
  • Group work with dreams and other dreamers drawing on poetry, sound, projective and shamanic practices
  • Workshops, educational presentations and demonstrations on dreams, shamanism, creativity and sound
  • Public presentations featuring ways to work with dreams asleep and awake and benefit from simple sound healing techniques to support health and wholeness

“Travis is a powerful and sensitive dream worker. He’s a myth filled, poetic, intuitive guide in the Underworld of Dreamtime who knows how to put the threads of our dreams into our own hands and gently lead us through the intricate and wildly creative symbolic terrain we encounter all night long. He brings big medicine and clarity to those wild, wise places. I’ve received beautiful and deep blessings from his work with me inside my dream landscapes.” Sage Abella

“For the past five years I have greatly enjoyed participating in Travis’s dream groups and workshops. His wonderful knowledge and understanding of dreams, poetry, music, mythology, and healing has made for a rich experience that has deepened my understanding of dreams and Self.” Christian Gerike

Please enter your contact information in the upper right hand form on this page or call to schedule some vital inner work, Thank You!At the Dreaming Well you will be able to find a self-empowering path to living and honoring your dreams, listening to your nighttime visions and learning to speak their language and making benefit of the rich inner forces that we may apprentice ourselves to. Dreams, visions, hunches and intuitions provide us with detailed maps that open us to our potential for fully embodied states of being and belonging and counsel us on how to live and die well. The wise source that provides us with our dreams gives us healing, helping experiences while we are asleep and visioning and serves our truest individual and collective interests, all-at-once. 

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