Tending the Hearth That Feeds Us

A Dream Group for Healers, Helpers and Therapists

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Self-Care“Tending the Hearth That Feeds Us” Sebastopol CA, Saturdays, every two weeks 11AM-1PM 

 Cost – $180 / 6 sessions 536 So. Main St. SEB, CA 94572      

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Dreams gift us with vital information and experience that we tend not to be able to access as accurately in any other fashion. As a “helper” or “healer” how do you focus in on discerning your own needs and seek balance while caring for others? By reflecting on ‘the magic mirror that never lies’ of our dreaming, we receive priceless clues about how to care for our selves and also offer our gifts to the community and individuals.

Working with dreams in groups is a highly efficacious and beneficial practice for honoring and learning from the wise energies in our dreams. Doing work with each other in a respectful, supportive and explorational fashion becomes an authentic spiritual and soul practice when we engage the dreamworld together. Often, we have difficulty seeing for ourselves how our dreams offer us fresh insights about our lives and essential natures. In a dreaming community, the shared perspectives of others help us to illuminate the vital messages and truths of the Deep Self.

Travis hosts and leads joyful, informative and energetic groups both online, via Zoom video meetings and also in person.

“A deeper conscious encounter with dreams and myths can nurture creative imagination, creative self-realization and expression, compassion and courage in ways that no other effort of attention can achieve; and these are, and have always been, the qualities and energies we need to confront and transform our eternal human predicament.”

Jeremy Taylor, The Living Labyrinth, Exploring Universal Themes in Myths, Dreams, and the Symbolism of Waking Life

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