Attracting Right Relationship, Becoming the Flame You Desire

Attracting Right Relationship, Becoming the Flame You Desire

Attracting Right Relationship, Becoming the Flame You DesireAre you tired of finding yourself in relationships that don’t meet your depth of longing for intimacy? Are you really ready to attract true friends or the soul mate you’ve always felt is ‘out there’? Would you like to share the journey with a beloved?

Come learn how we put certain blinders on and may not be able to see the man or woman of our hearts’ desire even if they are standing right in front of us. When we’re unaware of outworn ideas and energies stored within about unworkable relationships, we can’t see the possibilities of the moment- discover what your “blinders” are, how to clear these obstacles, and open your heart up to asking for – and receiving – the partnership you want in your heart of hearts.

birds grailDuring this immersive workshop we’ll explore expanding our awareness of these energies through Awake! Breathwork, Dream Work, Soul Painting, Sound Healing and practices designed to discover the unconscious “mixed messages” you might be sending to the Cosmos and others, and will assist you to realign yourself to call in what is in true accord with your soul

Give me real life proof it works.
Mardi and Travis met the very same day as Mardi focused clearing out her relationship space with breathwork and the exercises that will be presented here. Travis found Mardi amid his work with dreams, sound and analysis.  They traveled in the same circles for years yet never met because they couldn’t see each other. Now, 11 years later, their relationship is still a potent soul co-evolution journey.  We’d love to help you open deeper to love and truer intimacy.

Getting clear on one’s true desires, understanding and releasing the grip of unconscious beliefs  we may not know we hold, has allowed many of my clients to meet truer friends and community and fall in love with the person they’ve been waiting and searching for. Discover for yourself the pieces that may be missing from law of attraction and human potential programs that keep our perfect manifestation just out of reach – by clearing out the clutter in YOUR basement!

June 6 & 7: Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 10am- 3pm, optional dream journey sound healing Sat. eve 7pm

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Early rate $195
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Regular rate $225

Cost: $195 early by 5/23/15, $225 after. $30/night camping outdoors under trees & stars, or indoor conference room, hot tub.

Location: Beautiful Private Retreat Center on four acres of gardens and woods, in Sebastopol, CA