Travis Wernet

Travis helps to reveal vital portals for opening to the meeting place where sound and vital practices enrich our understanding of dreams and how to live them in our waking lives, honoring rich disciplines that serve individual and collective wholeness and soul.

He has embarked upon international travels co-leading sound healing and dream ceremonies around the world in the following areas:

  • the Baha’i Lotus Temple, Northern India
  • the Great Pyramids in Egypt
  • the Coastal towns of Eastern Australia

His specialty is a unique offering of musical dream incubation, as a compliment to shamanic and projective-style dream work and breath work.  Sound Healing techniques are applied to the work with dreams, providing a rich opportunity to experience and share the Deep Self with oneself and the community. Travis has facilitated groups and worked with dreamers for 20 years, bringing a mythological-archetypal-poetic perspective to this playful, life-changing, soulful and important work. Working with the breath is a vital way of working with the dreams and energies that exist in the body and the soul, inviting spirit to the table of our healing practices – working with the “dreambody”.

Travis is a Certified Projective Dream Teacher, Breath Worker, Author, Musician and ordained Universal Life Minister. His work draws on a diversity of practices for exploring the wisdom of dreams and the vitality of Life as well as the wisdom to be found in learning about and honoring Death and Dying. In 2012 and 2014, he led workshops on Sound Healing and Dream Work at the International Association for the Study of Dreams Conference in Berkeley, California.

He received his certification from the Marin Institute of Projective Dream Work.

Travis is also a professional musician with three albums to his credit. He has published the following articles:

  • Dreamtime Magazine, “Shamanism & Dream Work” (Spring 2012)
  • Depth Insights online E-Zine , “Music and Psyche” (Spring 2013)
  • Dream Network Journal, “Dream Bridges”  (Summer-Fall 2013)

He has studied and practiced a multitude of disciplines and worked in a wide variety of settings. His background includes several years of service in the San Francisco Bay Area within Social Rehabilitation Centers as a Counselor and Administrator where he helped to pilot the Mindfulness Training Program known as “DBT” or “Dialectical Behavioral Therapy”.

Teachers Travis has studied with include:

  • Jeremy Taylor, world-renowned Author and Dream Teacher, Founder of Marin Institute of Projective Dream Work
  • Aubrey Degnan, Author and Teacher of Buddhist Psychology, Founder of Healing Our Future
  • Michael Meade, Mythologist and Story-Teller, Founder of Mosaic Voices Multicultural Foundation
  • Robert Moss, Author and Dream Teacher, Founder of Dream Teacher Training Program and Shamanic Dream Journey Practices

Further background draws upon experience with

  • Sound Healing and Music Therapy
  • Analytical-Jungian Psychology
  • Shamanic Journeying and Active Dream Work
  • Weather Shamanism
  • Initiation and Rites of Passage
  • Somatic Breath Work
  • Mythological Studies and Storytelling
  • Reiki

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    1. You bet! My pleasure… I’ve also ordered your wonderful book and look forward to receiving and learning through that rich offering.

      So glad you reached out on FB and I look forward to continued connection! All the Best, Travis

  1. It feels so comforting hear you say so Travis! I am just a rookie in my Blog experience and also in the FB groups . So to feel some support from somebody else is a great incentive. 🙂 And gosh ! it feels so good !! 😉 Thank you so much also and especially for ordering FOAL and the Angels. I hope it will not disappoint you. Should you have any questions while reading it, let me know ! I`ll be happy to answer !

  2. Hi Travis…I see that you are a neighbor up at Ray Kennedy’s old place…welcome to the neighborhood! I just ordered your book, one of those cosmic connections, just having had a conversation this past week on the interpretation of dreams with a friend who is studying Jungian therapies through a program out of Santa Barbara. I happened to see your info through a shared thank you letter to Shawna at the local domestic water board of which I’m a member, thus the connection. Hope to have a cup of tea with you after the plague. Steve

    1. Well met Steve! So glad and grateful for the connect here… thanks for ordering a book! I know that program in Santa Barbara, I believe it’s Pacifica. At some point – yes, after the plague! – I would like to start a local dream discussion group and perhaps you’d be interested? In any case a cup of tea would be most welcome! All Blessings, Many Thanks, Travis

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