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In a long tradition of honoring the imaginal and dreaming soul, myths, fairy stories and folk tales have been honored and sung or spoken. Such treasure troves of the archetypal mind and heart reveal layers of potent experience through narratives that very likely spring from recalled dreams and visions. As mythologist Joseph Campbell is weel known for saying, “Dreams are private myths and myths (as well as folk and fairy tales) are public dreams”.

In the stories, the dreaming energies can be found where we experience ourselves ‘in the story’. This is very similar to the way we do projective-style dream work, imagining each person’s dream for ourselves and locating our own valuable insights, feelings and impressions within the rich material of the psyche, personal and collective.

The following rendition of an African tale, which Travis has learned and retold after receiving and witnessing it through Michael Meade, was offered during a year-long training for healers and helpers in Sebastopol CA, facilitated and hosted by Aubrey Degnan and Healing Our Future.

The following is a portion of an interview with the Program Hosts of “The Mystical Positivist” on KOWS Radio covering aspects of group experiential work

During a year-long program for healers and helpers in Sebastopol CA, Travis presents on the way that dreams also speak to physical health and wellbeing

We often mistake “bad dreams” as unhelpful energies that we want to avoid, on the contrary, our difficult dreams have potent and important messages for us

Another snippet from the Mystical Positivist Radio Interview, illustrating an example of the various benefits of working with “dreams of the future”

Some words on Dreams and Dream Work given at Many Rivers Books and Tea in Sebastopol CA, March 2015