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The Dreaming Well, Paths Towards Wholeness Through Dreams, Story, Song and Imagination

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An interweaving exploration of how dreams and connected experience communicate deep levels of inheritance and entrustment towards the vital living worlds within and without…


“The Dreaming Well  is a charmingly written and profound book, full of useful examples, anecdotes, and well-articulated principles of dream exploration. I believe it belongs in the hands and on the bookshelves of any English speaker interested in the deeper meanings and implications of dreams and dreaming, and the most effective and enjoyable means of pursuing that exploratory path.”

Jeremy Taylor, D.Min. Author of “The Wisdom of Your Dreams”


“In The Dreaming Well Travis Wernet weaves dream academia into poetic beat-reminiscent stream-of-consciousness prose, offers wise, helpful words of healing in a spiritual weaving of sound and dreaming, advocates for the benefits of dream sharing in community so we can remember who we are after the age-old mystery tradition of getting lost. He also explores metaphors and symbols connecting myth, folk and fairy tales to dreams while offering feminist perspectives and a deep connection to nature. This book speaks with awe and reverence for life in all its manifestations … All the while, respectfully offering a sincere perspective that mixes subjectivity with an experience of the divine, and suggesting how dream sharing can help the current state we find ourselves in as Mother Earth’s children in the 21st Century.”

Angel K. Morgan, Ph.D. Author of “Dragons, Angels and Rites of Passage” and founder of  the Dreambridge